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This is especially helpful because the interplay of functional gastrointestinal disorders is significantly prevalent in patients with anorexia nervosa [ 10 ], in the form of the irritable bowel syndrome.

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Anorexia nervosa – medical complications

The SMA syndrome manifests with upper quadrant abdominal pain soon after eating along with early satiety, nausea and vomiting. Similarly, all white cell types are proportionately reduced to cause neutropenia and lymphopenia, but no consistent pattern emerges for anorexia nervosa. Prolonged QT has thus not been suggested as an inherent marker for disease severity in anorexia nervosa as many confounding factors exist, including prolongation due to commonly-prescribed medications such as antipsychotic medications.

This is referred to as acrocyanosis, and may be due to the shunting of blood flow centrally in response to the hypothermia seen with anorexia nervosa.

The serum international normalized ratio INR level may be mildly elevated, due to liver damage and impaired synthesis of coagulation factors; patients may thus present with petechiae and purpura [ 37 ].

If pregnancy does occur, there is also a higher rate of pregnancy complications as well as neonatal complications [ 32 ]. The presumptive etiology is that malnutrition activates proteases such as trypsin which injures pancreatic cells. The risks of unnecessary thyroid hormone are especially prominent both because of its deleterious effect on bone mineral density, in a population of patients who are already at risk for severe osteoporosis, and because of its effect to increase metabolic rate and frustrate weight gain.

Lower BMI and longer illness duration predicted lumbar Z-scores [ 44 ]. Emphysema The reported incidence of these medical complications varies, depending upon the individual patient and also on the severity of the episode of anorexia nervosa.

For example, with apple cider vinegar, there is one study repeatedly cited one study is not enough to support a claim. The absence of excessive stool on these radiographic studies provides the clinicians caring for these patients and the patients with proof that bowel function is normal and no longer deserves ongoing concern.

Heightened vagal tone has been suggested as the cause of bradycardia in the setting of anorexia nervosa [ 52 ]. The hunger for health and weight miracles has lead to a 60 billion dollar diet industry.

The neuroendocrine regulation of normal female reproductive functions depends on a rhythm of nerve impulses generated within the medial basal hypothalamus, which governs the pulsatile release of GnRH from nerve terminals.

Total T4 levels are low because T4 is preferentially converted to a biologically inactive reverse T3.

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It should be noted that there are case reports of an extremely rare cause of reversible acute heart failure, known as takotsubo cardiomyopathy, among patients with anorexia. Of note, there are no consistent peripheral nerve findings associated with anorexia nervosa, although with more marked weight loss comes overall weakness and deconditioning.

However, the ejection fraction appears to remain preserved in most cases [ 54 ]. As disease severity worsens and BMI falls, the frequency of these abnormalities is greater with upwards of seventy-five percent of patients demonstrating cytopenias [ 36 ].

Mitral valve motion abnormalities, including mitral valve prolapse, may also be seen in a distinct minority. This can cause chest pain and palpitations in these patients.3/31/ · In general, medical complications of anorexia nervosa are a direct result of weight loss and malnutrition. Starvation induces protein and fat catabolism that leads to loss of cellular volume and function, resulting in adverse effects on, and atrophy of, the heart, brain, liver, intestines, kidneys, and muscles [Table 1].

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